Ragged School Museum

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‘From Warehouse to Schoolhouse’ is an exciting and ambitious project to breathe new life into the Ragged School Museum in the London Borough of Tower Hamlets, enabling more people to enjoy the listed buildings, learn about the unique evolution of this site, the Ragged School Movement, and the work of Dr. Barnardo. ZMMA are working with the conservation design team (lead by Richard Griffiths Architects) to design and deliver the Museum’s exhibition spaces and provide a site-wide interpretation strategy.

The central focus at the Museum will be the Permanent Exhibition, ‘Ragged Children, Mended Lives’ which will interpret and display Dr. Barnardo’s object collection and make use of the wealth of available imagery to tell the story of his life and works.  A focussed exploration into the multiple philanthropic responses to child poverty in Victorian cities, highlights the history of the Ragged School Movement and the struggle for free education.