Gainsborough’s House

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This major NLHF funded project transforms and extends the Gainsborough’s House campus, reconfiguring the entire museum. Through careful improvements to the existing buildings and the creation of a new three-storey gallery building, much needed and appropriate modern spaces are provided to display Gainsborough’s larger works, as well as an innovative temporary exhibitions space for the display of significant works by Gainsborough and his contemporaries, such as Constable and Turner, as well as other special exhibitions.

Located in Sudbury, the site has significant historic value; Gainsborough’s House is the historic birthplace of the great artist and houses the most comprehensive collection of his artwork in any single setting in the world. Grade 1 listed, it is characterised as having exceptional artistic, architectural and historic interest.

The scheme comprises a new entrance and three-storey multi-function building, the rearrangement and extension of the existing Weavers Lane cottages and print workshop, alterations and renovations to Gainsborough’s House, and improved accessibility into the site and through the historic courtyard garden.